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Welcome to our website. By proceeding to browse and use our website, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions and our privacy policy define the nature of the obligations set forth between yourself and our organization.

Effective Date and Amendments:

These terms and conditions are rendered effective as of the date of their publication on the website. The Organization reserves the right to modify the terms of use from time to time, and all changes shall be published on this page. The organization shall not notify its visitors and agents of any amendments to these terms and conditions via e-mail or other means of personal communication. Website users are responsible for reviewing these terms and conditions periodically to make sure they are adequately adhered to.

Applicable Laws and Competent Judicial Authorities:

Upon using this website and/or acquiring any facilitations, products, or services therefrom, the user acknowledges and agrees that the terms and conditions and his access to the aforementioned benefits are subject to the laws of the United Arab Emirates. The user also agrees to abide by the competent judicial authority of the Saudi legal system when dealing with any issue, litigation, or dispute that is linked in any capacity or form to the terms and conditions of this website.


If any text or part of these terms and conditions is revealed to be prohibited by law, or if any court has ruled that it is illegal, invalid, or inapplicable, the part or term in question will be dismissed and rendered void as required, to the utmost possible extent, without affecting the remaining terms and conditions. This shall not affect in any capacity or form any other circumstances, or the applicability of the remaining terms and conditions.


The user agrees to browse and use the website for legally permitted purposes only. The user assumes sole responsibility for knowing and abiding by all the laws, regulations, and systems relevant to their use of the website. By accessing the website, the user thus agrees to the following:

  • Refrain from misusing the website in any way or form.
  • Refrain from assuming the identity of another individual upon accessing the website.
  • Refrain from using the website to commit any crime, or to incite others to engage in any activity that is deemed illegal by the Saudi legal justice system.
  • Refrain from publishing or propagating any illegal content such as racism, segregation, insults, inappropriateness, and any other form of immoral content that may infringe upon religious values, the Islamic Shariah, and the political and systematic paradigms of a nation.
  • Refrain from using the website to download or upload any malicious programs, files, tools, or viruses that may alter, hinder, or damage its regular function.
  • Refrain from deleting or damaging any published content on the website.
  • Refrain from publishing or propagating any invasive advertisements, promotional material, or any other form of incentivizing content.
  • Refrain from publishing or spreading any material that infringes upon copyright laws (or others).
  • Refrain from collecting or storing the personal data of others.

Print and Publication Rights:

The organization reserves the right and print and publish the information and material contained on this website. The content of this website as presented to its audience serves an inductive purpose only. Users may be held legally accountable by applicable laws for any infringement upon the aforementioned terms and conditions. Copying, extracting, publishing, downloading, spreading, or distributing any content that has not been approved for display is strictly forbidden. Users are to adhere to the limitations and boundaries declared for the publication, download, or printing of any part of the website’s content for non-commercial use. Users may not delete or modify any copyright notices present within the downloaded content.


All the information contained on the website including, but not limited to, all the designs, texts, images, articles, and other information are protected by the laws of Saudi Arabia, as well as other print and publication laws, and they are considered to be the property of the organization, and they should be used in accordance with the permissions granted by the print and publication rights owner. It is strictly prohibited to copy, extract, spread, display, implement, distribute, sub-license, modify, use or store for later use any or all of the information contained on this website in any shape or form without the prior approval of the organization or the presence of adequate licensing, and within the scope permitted by the laws of Saudi Arabia and print and publication laws. The trademarks, logo, pictures, and provided service trademarks present on the website are the sole property of the organization and they may not be used without its prior approval and acknowledgment.

Information and Material Use

All the information and material present on the website, including the terms, conditions, and descriptions, are subject to constant changes. The user’s access to any of our products or services is predetermined by the final decision and approval of the organization. Any agreement with our organization will be set in writing and adequately signed, and such information and material may not be used in private or personal publications.

Use of Information:

The organization respects the user’s privacy, and it sets out to protect it by abiding by this policy. This policy applies to all the information collected during the user’s interaction with our website and its advertisements and 3rd party applications and services. This data includes e-mail addresses and digital correspondences. The organization does not participate, sell or lease any of this information with other parties and it does not intend to do so in the future. The user’s personal data is only shared with the authorities and/or parties on a need-to-know basis. This data is only available to the specialists that provide the required services as per the nature of the user’s relationship with our website.

Collected Data/Information:

This data may be used to contact the user at a future time through e-mail, post, or phone call to relay the service information that our organization may deem to be of benefit to them. The E-mail address and other information provided by the user will not be sold to any third party. The collected user data will be used for marketing and site interface improvement purposes only. The users that shared the data will receive publications and offers from the organization. The collected user data may be used for the following purposes:

  • The improvement of the organization’s website – we strive to improve our website based on the feedback of our users.
  • Customer service improvement – the data helps our organization to address your customer service concerns in a more effective and satisfactory manner.
  • Continue registration procedures – user data, be it public or private, will not be sold, traded, or transferred.
  • Send periodical e-mails – the user-provided e-mail may be used to satisfy their service information and update request, as well as to keep them informed about the latest developments pertaining to our organization, and about any new product or service set for future release.

Divulging Information:

User personal data may be divulged and provided by our organization as shown by this policy for the following purposes:

  • Abide by a legal, governmental, and systematic order.
  • Satisfy the application of our other agreements and terms of use.
  • Support and promote our business by sharing the information with the parties and service providers involved in this process.
  • Satisfy the purpose for which the information was provided.
  • Protect the organization’s rights, properties, and clients when sharing the information is deemed necessary or conducive to doing so.


Our website may feature links to other sites on the Internet, or to advertisements from other websites, and we are not accountable for their data collection policies. You may freely review the privacy and private content policies of these websites herein.

Termination of Access:

The organization reserves the right to terminate or suspend the user’s access to the website without warning irrespective of the reason. This may or may not include a breach of its user agreements, the engagement in any activity that goes against the terms and conditions of the website, infringements upon public morals, and the participation in what the organization deems to be illegal or harmful. Upon termination, the user will be denied access to the website, and the organization will employ all the possible means that may ensure that this decision remains in effect.

Applicable Law:

Upon accessing this website, you agree to abide by the laws of the Saudi Arabian legal justice system and competent judicial authorities pertaining to all your interactions therewith.

For any further questions, comments, or inquiries about the website and its policies, kindly send an e-mail using the template provided within the “Contact Us” page.

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