It is a non-profit professional confederation legally established, independent financially, and recognized as an international organization which is working under the supervision of the relevant authority in the country hosting the confederation. It was established on December 2022 with its headquarter based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.




Enhancing transparency and raising the quality of performance in public and private sector establishments, developing specialized professional competencies in the field of internal auditing in the Arab world, and working to make the Arab Confederation of Internal Auditors Associations representative of member associations and institutes before international organizations.




The Confederation is keen to promote compliance with ethical standards, provide educational and regulatory guidance for the profession, and unify Arab efforts to raise awareness and culture of the profession through the development of practices, standards and ways of their application.


Our Goals

The Confederation aims to develop the internal audit profession in the Arab world, and includes the following:

– Enhancing cooperation to serve the internal audit profession
– Improving and developing internal audit practices through:

– Supporting the implementation of the global IIA guidelines.
– Workshops and professional certification.
– Conducting research and performing translation of materials.
– Holding professional seminars and conferences.

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